Tuesday, 30 May 2017

WALT: write our observations

WALT:write our observations

Who Room 1 and Mrs Wallace.

What to look and smell.

When in the morning.

Where in the classroom.

Why to make observations.

First we sat in a circle.Mrs Wallace gave us rocks to pass around some were from the ocean and the volcano.

Next we were feeling the rocks to see how the rocks felt.they were a bit bumpy some of the rocks had holes in them.

Last we got three rulers and put them in columns to find out if they are volcano rocks or beach rocks.

File:Diorite MA.JPG - Wikimedia Commons beach rocks and volcano rocks.the really most one i liked was the volcano rock.

Free photo: Rocks, Beach, Ocean, Horizon, Sky - Free Image on ...

Beach rocks when you shine a light at the beach rock it goes a bit green.

Monday, 15 May 2017

WALT:express an idea or opinion supported with evidence.

WALT: express an idea or opinion supported with evidence.

Opinion.I Think kids should not bring smartphones to school.

Reason.I Think students should not be allowed to bring phones because they distract your learning.

example.I Think we should not bring phones to class because they won't help you learn if your doing the wrong thing on it.

Reason phones are expensive pieces of equipment if other kids don’t have a phone and your finish with it and you put it on the might get stolen.

Example.phones are not that fun when your learning in the classroom.some kids do the wrong thing when there not supposed to.

Reason.They might cause fights.

Example.if other kids fight over phones.the teacher will stop the two kids and take there phones of them.

Opinion.this is why I strongly believe we should not bring phones to school.